We didn’t say it was gonna be easy… We said it’s gonna be worth it.

When you decide to change your life, you will have to work hard. Sometimes it will not be easy, but it will be worth it. We aim to work with you to specially create a program that suits your level of experience.

You don’t have to be strong to start but you have to start to get strong. Join the Iron Gate team and let us help you become the best version of you! From beginner to elite, you are part of the family from the moment you sign up.

What is Functional Fitness?

We use a core strength and conditioning program designed to make you better at LIFE. We aim to increases your General Physical Preparedness in all other activities, either in sport or daily life. Your quality of life, mentally and physically will significantly improve! Still want to know more? Contact us on info@irongatecrossfit.com

I’m ready to give it a try… what do I need to do?

Step 1:

Drop a mail to info@irongatefitness.com to arrange your No Sweat Intro.

Step 2:

An individual online assessment with Georgina will be arranged so that we can find out about your fitness goals and desires and explain how your personal program can help you achieve them. We will teach you the basic movements and give you a taste of a short workout. We will email you an introductory brochure once we are done, so there is no need to take notes. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and keep a water bottle close by. It is advised to eat a light meal, for example, some fruit 30mins before your Foundations.

Not ready to commit just yet but want to check it out?

Visit our Facebook Page or our Instagram Page.

We are excited to work with YOU to reach YOUR fitness goals. Just get started!!!

Download our Membership Form

Complete the membership form and email to info@irongatefitness.com

Check what our Members have to say about the Box!


I came across “Killing the Fat Man” on YouTube. I needed a change like that in my life. And so… the Googling started and I found Iron Gate CrossFit. It has been awesome since day 1 and every day I am still amazed by our coaches and members at Iron Gate CrossFit, they encourage me, push me and challenge me to be a better me…


The best CrossFit coaches and Box to be training in the universe.


I joined CrossFit because I needed something challenging in order to improve my fitness and to lose weight. I am now fitter and stronger than I was before joining CrossFit.


Amazing coach, environment and equipment! Highly recommend this box!


I did a CrossFit comp at Iron Gate and absolutely loved the energy in the box and how athletes compete against each other then still encourage and cheer each other on afterwards – I wanted to be a part of that!!! I’ve definitely gained more confidence with seeing all the cool things my body is capable of doing and I am so excited about my future in CrossFit!!


Leith-Anne has lost a massive 12kg and has gone from 32% body fat to 20% body fat. She has worked so hard throughout these last 5 years and is now able to RX all the workouts, smashing them as she goes. She loves how strong CrossFit makes her and how amazing the CrossFit community is at @irongatecrossfit. “It is like a second family.”