What We Offer

What is Functional Fitness?

It involves a core strength and conditioning program designed to make you better at LIFE. It increases your General Physical Preparedness in all other activities, either in sport or daily life. Your quality of life mentally and physically will significantly improve!

Functional Fitness; improves the skills and movements you use every day. It builds your fitness in all of the areas that are essential for a normal life; metabolic conditioning (cardio), strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, accuracy, agility, stamina and flexibility. We use a variety of movements to accomplish these skills. Regardless of where you start, you will become more fit during your time with us.

What does your program involve?

We are offering individualised fitness programs either three times a week or seven times a week. Our aim is to customise your program to address your fitness goals while targeting your weaknesses so that you start on a strong foundation.

We will begin with an individual online consultation in order to discuss your goals and form a plan together for the way forward. Each program will comprise of a warm-up as well as your daily workout. Your workout will involve a structured strength/skill portion followed by a programmed self-paced workout. The focus is on strength, cardiovascular conditioning and gymnastic in varying modes depending on your needs. We know that the most difficult part of training by yourself is staying motivated; therefore we will provide regular follow-ups to keep you on track. We want to ensure that your program is achieving results in the right direction, so retesting will be done intermittently in order to monitor your progress. It’s all about the personal touch and we look forward to joining you on your road to health and fitness.

Please contact us if you would like a different package to suit your needs.

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